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Knitting Oil and Antistatic Agents

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At Tex-aux Chemicals we manufacture a wide range of products for fiber and yarn treatments. Our product range include Batching oils, Knitting Oil and Antistatic Agents, coning oils, ready to use sizing mixture, sizing lubricants, antistatic sizing additive and other necessary products. These products are specially formulated for the latest machines in operation in the industry. Various aspects required by the industry such as non-corrosiveness, non- fuming, non-clogging, non-splashing, shear stability, non-yellowing, high temperature stability etc. are an integral feature of our products.

Knitting Oil and Antistatic Agents And Antistatic Agents

  • Self Scouring, Washable, Spotless And Apeo Free Kntting Oil For Troble Free Performance Of High Speed Machines
  • Low Splashing Lubricating And Antistatic Agents For Conning And Texturising