Dyeing Chemical

Dyeing & Printing Chemicals
We bring an exclusive and innovative range of Dyeing & Printing Chemicals. Each and every product of our range has some unique property such as our non-retarding leveling & dispersing agent for poly-ester dyeing which leads to about 10% saving of disperse dye. We have keenly studied the mechanics of dyeing and printing of various fabrics and have incorporated some key factors in our products which are not present in conventional competitor products. This gives our customer an added advantage.

For Polyester/acrylic

  • Non Retarding Levelling Agents
  • Low Temperature Penetrating Agents And Dispersing Agents For Yarn Dyeing
  • Eco Friendly Carriers
  • Highly Effective And Economic Loop Accelerators
  • Acid Buffers And Regulators
  • Dyebath Lubricants
  • Solvent Free Carriers
  • Retarding Agents For Acrylics

For Cotton

  • Levelling Agents
  • Dyebath Stabilizers
  • Lubricants And Rope Mark Preventive Aids
  • Defaomers For Print Paste
  • Washing Off Agents.