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ApplicationProduct DescriptionCharacter
Core Alkali NeutraliserAuxigen-CANCore alkali Neutraliser used after alkaline treatments like reduction clearance, Mercerising, dyeing.etcAnionic
Sulpho succinate based wetting agentOT-WETA highly effective, dynamic, wetting agent suitable for most areas of textile processing.Anionic
Desizing and scouring agent Tegitol-SA Strong Desizing and scouring agent for PES and celluloseCrypto Anionic
Stain removerAuxigen XTCHigh power stain removing and scouring agentCrypto Anionic
Detergent and Scouring agent Texclean-PSCScouring, emulsifying, swelling and stain removing agent for PES and blends. Non-Ionic
Wetting agent and detergentTexclean-RWDHigh power wetting/rewetting agent for all types of substrateNon-Ionic
Organic peroxide stabiliserTexclean-OPSDUsed for stabilising hydrogen peroxide in bleaching processAnionic
Scouring and swelling agentTexclean-DSRAHigh performance swelling and scouring agent used during drumming processAnionic
Wetting agent for alkali boiling Texclean-DWALow foaming and caustic stable wetting agent used for alkali boiling of cellulosicAnionic
Eco friendly wool scouring agentTexclean-WOAn effective scouring agent and detergent for wool Non-Ionic
Stain remover and degreasing agentTexclean-SR Highly effective degreasing and stain removing agent for PES and blendsNon-Ionic
Weight reduction acceleratorWR-AID High performance weight reduction agent for polyester Cationic
Mercerising agentMerce-WetLow foaming cresol free mercerising agentAnionic
Low foaming wetting agentTegitol-JS60Cost effective low foaming wetting agentNon-Ionic
Low foaming wetting agentTegitol-LFDHighly concentrated low foam wetting agentNon-Ionic
Detergent and wetting agentTegitol-DTCVersatile detergent and scouring agent for all kind of substrateCrypto Anionic
Desizing enzyme for cold processTexzyme-LMTAlpha amylase based enzymatic desizing agent for rapid removal of starch sizesNon-Ionic
Degumming enzyme for removing printing gumTexzyme-DGUMAn effective sulphuric acid replacement for carbonising processNon-Ionic
Enzymatic peroxide killer Texzyme-CATCatalase based enzyme for rapid and complete decomposition of peroxideNon-Ionic


ApplicationProduct DescriptionCharacter
One bath scouring and dyeing agent for PESScour-dyeAn effective one bath scouring and dyeing agent for PES and blends Non-Ionic
Acid bufferBuffer-PDAcidifying, buffering and dispersing agent for PES and blendsAnionic
Dispersing powderLevamol-DX Versatile dispersing agent in powder formAnionic
Levelling and dispersing agent for PES Texdye-LDRLHigh performance levelling and dispersing agent for PESAnionic
Levelling and dispersing agent for PESLevasperse-NI Effective levelling and dispersing agent with zero retarding actionAnionic
Dispersant for PESTexdye-DANSupers dispersant and levelling agent for PESAnionic
Levelling agent for Nylon and woolLevitril-PEVersatile levelling agent for dyeing wool and NylonAnionic
Levelling agent for cotton and viscoseLevacel-CD Effective levelling agent for cotton dyeing Non-Ionic
Formaldehyde free dye fixing agentDyfix-NFDNon-formaldehyde dye fixing agent for cellulosicCationic
Dye bath lubricantTexfluid-ACRope mark preventive and dye bath lubricantNon-Ionic
Washing off and dye bath stabiliser Sequasperse-SDAlkali and hard water stable washing off agent and dye bath stabiliser Anionic
Washing off and dye bath stabiliser Tegitol-SNDispersant and washing off agent Anionic
GOTS approved Anti tinting agent and washing off agentTexclean-DSLTint removal, washing off agent, dispersant and alkali scanvangerAnionic
Retarding agent for acrylicAcrytard-PRRetarding agent for acrlyicsCationic
Loop accelerator for PESTexprint-LAF Loop accelerator for Polyester printingAnionic
Anti frothing and penetrating agent Texprint-KBIDispersing, penetrating and anti frothing additive for polyester print pasteAnionic
Reduction clearing agentBleatex-ECOEffective replacement for sodium hydro sulphite in liquid formAnionic


Application Product DescriptionCharacter
Blooming agentTexfin-chromaDepth enhancer and blooming agent for dark shades Cationic
GOTS approved sew-ability improver Plyfin-210Exhaustible lubricant and sew-ability improver Non-Ionic
Cationic softener Clairex-PPremium softener with very low yellowingCationic
Cationic softener Clairex-55 Cost effective softener with bulky hand and premium handle of all substratesCationic
Cationic softener Clairex-OC Premium softener with very low yellowing and superior feelCationic
Cationic softener Clairex-SWSubstantive cationic softener with superior surface feelCationic
Polyethylene emulsion Polyfin-PEPE emulsion for smooth and lasting finish Non-Ionic
GOTS approved amino silicone micro emulsion Softsil-LX330Silicone micro emulsion for excellent inner softness and surface smoothness Weakly Cationic
Hydrophilic silicone softener Hydrosoft-356Excellent hydrophilic softener with shear stability and low yellowing propertiesWeakly Cationic
Anti-ozonant softener Polyfin-AO313Highly effective anti azonant softener with good hydrophilic propertiesWeakly Cationic
Silicone micro emulsion Softsil-ultraAn ultra-micro-emulsion amino silicone for smooth finish with excellent drape on all fibre types.Weakly Cationic
Silicone micro emulsion Softsil-micro Concentrated, high shear stable silicone softener for achieving durable voluminous handle along with surface smoothness on all types of fibres.Weakly Cationic
Silicone micro emulsionSoftsil-PS180 Concentrated exhaustible micro emulsion for all substratesWeakly Cationic


EnzymeTexdsize-MTLow Temperature de-sizing enzymeNon-lonic
EnzymeTexdsize-HTHigh to medium Temperature de-sizing enzymeNon-lonic
EnzymeTexzyme-CLFDEnzymatic bio fading enzymeNon-lonic
EnzymeTexzyme-ABWEnzyme bio washing enzymeNon-lonic
EnzymeTexzyme-dgumEnzymatic for print gum removalNon-lonic
EnzymeTexzyme-COMBICombined peroxide killer & bio-polishing enzymeNon-lonic
EnzymeTexzyme-CATEnzymatic peroxide killer Non-lonic


ApplicationProduct DescriptionCharacter
Knitting OilTexlube-K-22-LS Superior knitting oil with excellent wash ability and lubricationNon-Ionic
Conning Oil Texcone-MVWOEKO TEX compliance texturising and antistatic oil for high speed machines
Sewing thread lubricant NUFIN-6155-ENon-aqueous sewing thread lubricant for all substartesNon-Ionic
Sewing thread lubricant NUFIN-H-313 Non-aqueous sewing thread lubricant for hot application on all types of substratesNon-Ionic