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Pretreatment Chemicals

We have a exhaustive range of pretreatment chemicals for each and every fabric and for all kinds of conventional and latest machines. Our products have been fine tuned to the requirements of the customers. Water condition, types of machinery and fabric, all this parameters are factored into our product. Our pretreatment package including enzymatic desizing and enzymatic peroxide killer is one of the best packages available in the auxiliary industry and that too at a very economical price.

For Polyester

  • Desizing Agents
  • High Perforamance Stain Removers
  • Multi Purpose Detrergents
  • Swelling And Drumming Agents
  • Wide Range Of Scouring Agent
  • Highly Effeicient Weight Reduction Accelerators


For Cotton

  • Low Temperature Enzymatic Desizing Soultions
  • Versatile Wetting Agents
  • Cresol Free And Low Foaming Mercerizing Agents
  • One Bath Bleaching And Wetting Agents
  • Peroxide Satbilizers And Killers
  • Highly Efficient Low Foam Wetting Agents For Soft Flow Amchines